Universal & Universal Plus Stainless Steel Bowl for Bosch Mixers


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Quick Overview

  • Model: MUZ6SB4 – Made by L'Chef
  • Bowl capacity: 6.5 quarts or 15 lbs dough
  • Removable drive shaft for easy clean up
  • Does NOT include lids, whips, or dough hook.
  • If using with older Universal mixer, you need a 4-tab pouring shield, item #666469. Older mixers have 3-tab pouring shields which do not fit this bowl. Lids are the same for both models, item #754923.

The SB4 Stainless steel bowl has a center column for use with standard dough hook and whips. Because this bowl is made to fit both the Bosch Universal Plus and older Universal Mixers, it does NOT lock onto the base. It will fit securely but does not lock like the plastic bowl does. Does not include pouring shield or lid. See note below for shield & lid information. Please note; there are 3 different stainless steel bowls for Bosch Mixers: MUZ6ER1 with European dough hook; NO center column; not compatible with standard dough hook, whips, or paddles MUZ6ER2 with center column; locks onto base of Universal Plus Bosch mixer only MUZ6SB4 with center column; does NOT lock onto base; fits both Universal and Universal Plus mixers


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