Bosch Summer Essentials Package



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This is the ultimate bundle! The included attachments will make your Bosch a superior multi-functional kitchen machine. You can add so much versatility to your kitchen experience with this bundle. Perfect for summer sweets and treats, it comes with:

  • Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer
  • Cake paddles for light batter
  • Cookie paddles for heavier batter
  • Wire whips for whipping
  • Bowl scraper that fits over all of the above to keep the ingredients in the mixing area
  • Dough hook and dough hook extender for large and small batches of dough
  • Ice cream attachment for making all of your favorite ice creams


With the Bosch Universal Plus  you get the best mixer on the market. The Bosch Universal Plus features a unique open bowl design makes it easy to add ingredients. The open bowl design also places the motor right below the mixing area. Without having to change the direction of the movement from the motor means you don’t lose power to the mixing area. You can mix larger batches with no problem. is the official distributor for Bosch Mixers and all warranty or repair is taken care of by our technicians.

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